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This was posted on the South Florida Music Scene page but since Until the End is gearing up for some shows, I thought you guys may find this interesting. You have to read the story to really understand the song...also check out Stickshift Lover

Id like to preface this story, courtesy of Dan Mazin, by saying it is 100% true and in no way fabricated. This is the last unreleased Until The End song...

" It was a wet, dank night in Fort Lauderdale-typical. Until The End was
at the famed Studio 13 with Jeremy Staska recording our swan song,
"The Blind Leading the Lost." The recording process was difficult.
Technical problems on our end, a singer with a busted throat, and the
rotten weather combined to put us all on edge. We were listening to
some rough vocal mixes in the booth when we heard the first door slam
open. We all sat at attention...then came the sound of the main door
flying open. In the doorway was the most disgusting, insane, and
sexually exuberant man I have ever laid eyes on.

The Wolf.

The Metal Fucking Wolf.

We were all instantly taken aback by the smell of marijuana, fried
chicken, and fresh sex. For as much as we were repelled, all of us
were immediately drawn to him-his aura was firing on all cylinders.
Behind him, 2 women of questionable moral character stumbled in. One
screamed for a "bump" while the other began licking the couch. The
Wolf threw himself on the now-wet spot and threw his legs akimbo.
While the 2 ladies "attended to his junk," The Wolf addressed us.

"Turn the fucking mic on faggots."

We all shuttered ourselves in the control room to try to figure out
what to do. Wylie had gone home so his Ninja skills were of no use to
us. Staska had to take his 'medicine' and was incapacitated for the
moment. (Besides, he's a lover not a fighter). James was text
messaging someone, hopefully the police, likely some broad. Chip was
curled in the corner in a puddle of his own urine. We hadn't even told
him about The Wolf yet, he just did this every night. That left me,
Dan, to take over the recording.

"OK Wolf, take one." I turned to ProTools and fired it up. "That's all
I need pussy, start the shit up, sit the fuck down and let a real man
get to work," he told me as he unbuttoned his shirt and zipped his
fly. I don't know where it came from but he then began to rub baby oil
all over his chest and belly-"...for later," he said. I threw up in my
mouth a little.

What followed was 3 minutes of the most vile, horrid, and raw vocals I
have ever heard. It was cacophonous. It was beautiful.

What you will soon hear was all done in one take. He even did his own
gang and back-up vocals. It was fucking insane. I have never been the
same since.

When he finished, he collected his women and threw each of them over a
shoulder so that their faces were directly in front of his now-exposed
ass cheeks. "Start eating" was the last thing I heard him say and he
stumbled out of the studio. I heard his motorcycle roar as he started
it up. I went outside to see which direction he went. I needed to
understand the feelings that had been drummed up inside of me. The
Wolf was still standing there. "I farted-go back inside and call me a
cab you fucking queer."

So I did.

I haven't seen or heard from The Wolf since. Some say he died, some
say he went to prison. Others say he lives under the bridge at Andrews
Ave. All are likely, but I know better. In bedrooms across America
where teenage boys sing along to Ratt, Poison, and Slaughter-the
spirit of The Wolf lives.

Si se puede!"

Until The End - The Metal Wolf


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