Tuesday, February 10, 2009

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Strain were easily the heaviest hardcore band to ever hit the Northwest. Their recordings always sounded HUGE, and their staccato rhythms were undeniably moving. I find it highly offensive that a proper discography has never been released for Strain, yet most of their counterparts have had discographies come out in the last few years.

Self Titled [1994 - Overkill Records]

Repetition [1995 - Heartfirst Records]

Here and Now [1996 - New Age Records]

Our End [1996 - Heartfirst Records]

Bomb Wedemark [1997 - Heartfirst Records]
This is a collection of 7" and comp tracks that Strain released via Heartfirst after they found out that everyone's friend at Lost and Found had started bootlegging some of their recordings.


Anonymous said...

thanks alot! excellent band.

Jose said...

Thanks for posting this!
Love these guys so much, my old band Blindside played a show or two with these cats and they always gave a ferocious set.
Strain shows I experienced
- Sacramento Undertow/Sparkermarker/Blindside
- Berkeley - I can't remember who else played, Redemption 87? They were so heavy!
- LA - with strife and 1134
- I went to see them with OKD, burden, trial in Surrey BC but had to go to the emergency room to get stitches. ANYWAYS, these dudes ruled, Jodie has a unique vocal style and his stage presence was rad.

mindset said...

i love this band i have all cd after the singer made another band called capone with his 2 brother very good seven on head first record

Nab said...

hey Jose, I'm looking for MP3s for Blindside (the sacramento band) I heard about the song "Am I wrong", I'd like to check it out.


xJKx said...

Mindset. Strain's singer Jody didn't sing for Capone, but Strain's guitarist John played in the band with his cousin Johnny and brother Joe (who would drum for Strain later on). Johnny's vocals sounded a lot like Jody's, so I can see the comparison. In fact Capone sounded a lot like Strain period, and we're often referred to as Strain Junior

xJKx said...

Crazy show that one was Jose!

drop in the bucket said...

And where now to find the lyrics? You can get a scanned copy tabs from Here and now?

Dan Walters said...

RIP Jody Taylor. Absolute tragic work accident. You will be missed