Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Fixed Some Links

Finally found the time to update some links that have gone down. Sorry it takes so long sometimes but we do what we can when we can. Anyway, see below for direct links to the original posts with the updated links:

108 - Songs Of Separation Zine

Arson - Words Written In Blood

State Craft - Embracing Serene Memories In This Nocturnal Snowlight Garden of Eden

Stones To Mark A Fire

Earthmover - Death Carved In Every Word

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Against All Hope 1993 Self Titled Cassette

 While waiting in line at a local thrash/ death metal show in the winter on 1990, I bought a 7” by local Buffalo, NY hardcore band Against All Hope. I thought it was pretty cool and listened to it quite a bit over the coming months. The following summer of '91, I finally was able to catch them live and they were WAY better than that 7”. The line up I saw at that show had Jay Galvin on bass and Scott Vogel on drums, both of whom were also in Slugfest. Over the next few years, I saw them many, many more times and once their line up solidified they got even better.

In 1993 Against All Hope released my favorite material by them, their Self Titled cassette; they were on the more speedy, melodic side of hardcore, especially for Buffalo, mixing in some Dag Nasty style to their brand of 'core. Long gone were Jay and Scott, but oddly enough both Flipowitz and Tim Patterson from AAH also went on to be in Slugfest. This is a really great demo and includes a cover of Once I Cry by Uniform Choice. 

Friday, April 11, 2014

I follow Dischord on Tumblr and they post some great stuff from their archives featuring a lot of great bands.  These flyers are just the tip of the iceberg. See more right here.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Earthmover - Death Carved In Every Word

I was just going to update the original post but I figured why not just start over? This would be Earthmover's final offering to us before they decided to call it quits following a European tour. I had a buddy who grew up in Detroit and went to college at the University of Miami. who was friends with them. We went to pick them up at the airport after they came back from Belgium...that was the closest I ever got to seeing them. Bummer...all the videos I ever saw of the band were bonkers. By now, you've probably heard this record and you know it's a rager, probably their best material. Solid from start to finish. "We're not about money, we're not about money".

Earthmover - Death Carved In Every Word

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Day Of Suffering Interview: Abstraction Zine #3

Here's a 2 page interview with Day Of Suffering from Abstraction Zine #3. I couldn't find the year that this was released but it seems to be after the release of their CD "The Eternal Jihad". Nice read into what the band was about. They start to discuss their "new" record but unfortunately the release never happened. Pretty sure I got this scan from Rob Mafia (thanks for your help again Rob). Enjoy.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Fadeaway- Blindsight Demo 1993

Caught somewhere between early 90's "Buffalo stye" hardcore and Turning Point, Fadeaway's Blindsight is one of the absolute best demos to ever come out of the Buffalo, NY hardcore scene. The song writing and pedigree (3 members went on to Despair and another to Snapcase) on Blindsight is top notch, combining songs from 3 different recording sessions; all of which were recorded at Watchmen studios. Though two of the songs (Perfect Blood and Gone) appear on the band's previous demo, they work better in the context of this release. 21 years later, it still sounds current and vital.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Chaos Order / Werewolf Congress split 7" pre-orders

Blasphemour Records has just put up pre-orders for the Chaos Order / Werewolf Congress split 7", titled Order Of The Wolf.  There are a few options to choose from, and orders are expected to start going out at the end of May.

Here's a video for "Through Humanity's Venom" off of the Chaos Order side of the 7".

This Is Hardcore Lineup Announced

As many of you have probably seen, posted the lineup for this year's installment of This Is Hardcore. The fest has become THE fest to play year after year and this year's lineup is pretty solid. Some old 90s favorites will be making an appearance including Turmoil, Fury Of Five, Ringworm, Culture, Civ and more. Weekend tickets will be on sale April 12th. 

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Unrestrained - new song from forthcoming LP

Unrestrained have debuted a video for 'Ethel Mertz', the opening track on their forthcoming Forward Onto Death LP that will be out on Trip Machine Laboratories in May.

Pre-order info is coming soon!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Escapist Records to reissue Turmoil - The Process Of

Escapist Records has just announced that they will be reissuing Turmoil - The Process Of in an expanded edition for its 15th anniversary.

Here's more from the label:

Those Who Fear Tomorrow, Life. Love. Regret., Destroy The Machines. These albums helped define an era of hardcore. Nestled amongst these albums of the initial wave of 90’s metallic hardcore and the explosion of metalcore that followed sits Turmoil’s The Process Of.

Formed in 1992 outside of Philadelphia, PA, Turmoil was born out of the hardcore scene that surrounded them. Rather than recycle what had been done before them, the band reached to define their own sound. Whether it was through drawing influence from outside of their scene - noise, death metal, prog - or experimenting with unique song structures, Turmoil continued to push the boundaries of what hardcore could be until their untimely breakup. During their time together Turmoil released two full-length recordings and four EP’s, not to mention making numerous compilation appearances.

Today, fifteen years after its initial release, Escapist Records is pleased to announce the impending release of a 15th Anniversary Edition of Turmoil’s The Process Of, originally released by Century Media Records. The anniversary edition will be comprised of two different pieces of vinyl. The first is a one-time pressing of the 1999 release on 12” vinyl, limited to 500 copies on two exclusive color-ways. In addition to the iconic album artwork, the release will feature expanded liner notes containing testimonials from various peers, publications, and those influenced by the record, including Damnation AD, Surprise Attack Fanzine, Set Your Goals, Trustkill Records, Stuck in the Past: 90’s Hardcore Webzine, and more. Accompanying the 12” will be a limited edition 7” containing three songs never before released on vinyl. The songs were recorded in 2005 with producer Ted Young (Lamb Of God, Clutch, Andrew WK) and were only previously available on a retrospective CD released that same year. These songs mark the final recordings of the band’s classic lineup. The 7” will be limited to 100 copies and feature a hand-numbered silk-screened cover.

Two songs from the 15th Anniversary Edition of The Process Of are currently available for streaming online. “Playing Dead” from the 12” recording and “Commander and Thief” from the limited 7” can be heard online.