Wednesday, October 5, 2011

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Promo video for MEXPW, Mike Hartsfield's new wresting company

What is the current status of Outspoken?

I'd say we are in a holding pattern, everyone is busy with other stuff. I'd say we are on pause.

How would you personally rate the recent Outspoken shows with singer/frontman Wes Sisk? Not just performance-wise but reaction-wise as well?

We all had a blast. From everything I heard, people enjoyed it. Anytime a venue has a barricade it inhibits crowd reaction, but we were still able to enjoy ourselves. Wes is a heart throb.

A18 has played a few shows here and there in the past few years. Are there any plans for that band to record again? Why or why not?

No, We're just past that point. We broke up in '06 and played a few benefit shows and just small get-togethers over the years. We played a few weeks ago with Hellfire Trigger for a going away party for Nicholas (our guitarist and sometimes bassist) and we all decided that was pretty much it for the A18.

Is there any possibility of a Freewill reunion at some point? Why or why not?

None of us have ever talked about it (or at least none of them mentioned it to me). It would be a lot of fun but we were a VERY obscure band. I miss those guys tremendously. When I was in the band, I didn't appreciate it like I think I should have. I look back on the recording we did for Wishingwell Records as a huge deal for us. There's not too much more you need to do at age 18 than record an album for your favorite record label. It was amazing then. I wouldn't be against a reunion but I just don't think anyone would be all that interested.

What is the current status of New Age Records?

Gearing up to shut our doors in 2012. Repressing the Trial 7" (working on that now) and clearing out the webstore in the next few months.

There have been lots and lots of hardcore reunion shows throughout the '00s and in the past two years. What have been some of your favorites and why?

Anyone that gets together for friends, fun or a cause is all good in my book. No For An Answer was the tops. Chorus always, Headfirst, ICE and Mean Season in 2005 was incredible.

Discuss in detail your new wrestling company, MEXPW.

It's a company that I formed this year along with a partner and we are running live events in the U.S. and in Mexico. We are set to debut in January 2012 in Los Angeles. I have been in the business in one way or another for a very long time. I am working now with venues, wrestlers, merchandising, advertising. promotions, etc. and am hoping soon to be stepping into the world of TV and pay per view.

How will this new wrestling company differ from previous wrestling companies that you've been involved with?

That's a good one. Hopefully, this one can keep it's head above water. I'm hoping that by closely managing the whole thing, we can make the right decisions and stay on corse.

Generally speaking, how has the wrestling industry fared during the economic recession in America?

It's down but I think a bigger factor is that there are more and more forms of live entertainment every year and in California, with all the options that people have, we really have to create and maintain something interesting and exciting.

After she turns 18, how would you feel about your daughter pursuing a career in some capacity in the wrestling industry if she wanted to?

Hahaha. I'd encourage her to be on the production side but if it turns out that she wanted to actually train to be a wrestler, I guess I'd have to support her there as well.


Hervis said...

A18... any plans for that band to record again? Why or why not?

"No, We're just past that point... and we all decided that was pretty much it for the A18."

Uh, yeah, right! I predict:
1. a tour because they have never been to that particular country

2. They felt the time was right to get back together.

3. They get energized because they are all still great friends.

4. They did not know such a demand existed.

This is getting so played out. These bands sound like Jersey Shore: I'M DONE!