Wednesday, January 11, 2012

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Here's another request, which was made a while ago, sorry it's taken so long to do this post. Somebody requested material from NYHC band Sealed With A Fist, specifically their demo and the 'Beside The Lion' 7". I only have their 7", so here it is. Solid 90s NYHC with a slight metallic and grooving edge. This 7" was released in 1993 on Nawpost Records, a small label which I believe was run by John Franko of Awkward Thought? Anyways, some time after the 7" was released singer Aragon Amori died, RIP. Their guitarist would take over on vocals, but no recordings were made with this line-up that I know of. Sealed With A Fist ended when their drummer went to play for Maximum Penalty. He would also do some time in Madball. Their bassplayer now plays in a band called Truth In Needles.

Sealed With A Fist - 'Beside The Lion' 7"


strongest said...

Nice! Great bunch of guys in Sealed with a Fist. Here's more on Jonathan's (bass) new band, Truth in Needles:

In My Blood xVx said...

Dude... have not listened to this 7" in years. It is sitting in my collection. Thanks for the rip.

Anonymous said...

They recorded another demo in '95 and were on a couple of compilations.
One is here:

2 live songs by sealed with a fist:

I know I have a demo somewhere with songs "folded","low-cut", and "next-to-you" (blondie cover) ... If I find it... i can make the songs available .

Anonymous said...

holy crap- thank you!! would love to hear those 2 demos if they are ever found.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the 7", its nice to see people remember S.W.A.F.
I don't have a turntable, so the mp3s are nice to have!

There are other recordings of S.W.A.F, it will just be a miracle to find them. Ray C. took over vocals and Mike M. played guitar on them.

Cheers to those guys!
Darren, Ray, John, Mike and Aragon(r.i.p)