Monday, February 4, 2013

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I can still remember the buzz about new Day Of Suffering material in 1997.  The few people that had heard this final unreleased song at the time were touting it to sound like Cradle Of Filth, although that was most likely only due to the addition of keyboards.  Every person that claimed they could send me a cassette copy completely fell through in the end, so there was a long stretch of years where I just thought I would never hear this much ballyhooed song.  Flash forward to 2009, and an mp3 of the track finally started making the rounds.  Encoded at 128k and sounding like it was ripped from a twelfth generation cassette, it was still great to finally hear the unreleased track.
Given the mediocre quality of the mp3 I was originally supplied with, I tweaked the EQ a bit, but don't expect top notch sound here.

Day Of Suffering - Unreleased Song


Dave Moral said...

I'm pretty sure I remember Dave Agranoff playing this for me crammed in his shitty pick up truck driving around Bloomington IN sometime around Thanksgiving 99 with Dan DSL(forgive me, that's what kids were calling him, I can't for the life of me remember his last name). This and demo tracks from what would become Upheaval's Testimony To The Atrocities. I think we were about to head to a fest in Muncie that Burn It Down and Stretch Armstrong were playing.