Saturday, June 8, 2013

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Deathbed was an Atlanta straight edge band that I sang for. Due to our recent break-up, I decided to upload our records for those who would be interested in downloading them. Hope you enjoy!

"Oppression" Demo (2010)

Track List:
1) Intro/Oppression
2) Open Arms
3) Voiceless

"For the Few" EP (Upside Down Records, 2011)

Track List:
1) Cleanse
2) Lost
3) For the Few

Split 7" with Douglas (Speedowax Records, 2011)

Track List:
1) Grasp (First Recording)
2) The Final Nail (First Recording)

"Reduced to Nothing" EP (Catalyst Records, 2012)

This record is still available in the Catalyst Records webstore. For that reason, I've only included downloads for three of the songs. If you'd like a physical copy, head over there and pick one up!

Track List:
2) Grasp
4) Note to Self
5) The Final Nail


Rich Perri said...

really need a copy of the upsidedown release never received my pre order