Tuesday, September 10, 2013

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In 2009, Disembodied returned to the hardcore scene. It was exciting to both old fans and new. They played a few shows on both sides of the country, and many of those were captured on video and audio. They even teased the world with a new song and a promise of a new record to be recorded on custom 8 string baritone guitars made from broken pieces of burned churches.

The reunion lasted 27 months, and the band was once again buried.

This is a recording of the first show back from the dead. The recording is not broken up into separate tracks, and is raw audio straight from the board. No mixing or mastering, just pure brutality. It is also worth noting that they played songs at this show that may not have been played at subsequent ones, making it special.

disembodied live at triple rock

photos of the show can be found HERE


joeyPig said...

man. i could rant for quite a long time about this entire happening but i digress so Thank you jav!! for sharing and posting this, i'm sure at this point everyone who comes here or the forum are familiar with me and my love/hate thing i have for the disembodied reunion and what could have been and for my love for the band in general.

but while i'm here though i'd like to reiterate if i may..

while i was completely psyched thinking there was a possibility we could have seen a possible new release from the band i was completely stoked about the rumor that their back catalog would be remastered because what they did to the songs off of "psalms of sheol" was beyond great

so i was on the edge of my seat anticipating an official word from the band about this happening but alas it never did come and while the 27 month long run was a great one it didn't last long enough for the remasters to come to fruition and one of the many reasons i've read.. one sticks out for probably being closest to the truth.. "the band didn't gain enough momentum for making enough new fans to garner enough money for future endeavors".

so.. i want to go on record, here, now.. on the main blog in the hope that if i keep spamming this idea everywhere, anywhere on the internet that maybe it'll spark an interest or at least maybe someone will do it just to shut me up HA.

anyway.. money is always the problem, no matter what the topic is so why not make this a "kickstarter" project? i mean man.. the outrageous goals for projects i've seen reach in record time is ridiculous and what better way to get valadation for your achievments as a band? seeing your goal met in record time!!??

so if disembodied announced the "remastering project" i guarantee we'd see that goal met before the last word was typed!!

maybe the members aren't sure where to start or how to and maybe to proud to ask for help? so this is a call for anyone who's been into the band and have "grown up" and became some kind of crazy smart entrepreneur or at least knows there way around all the legal mumbo jumbo, you owe the band that much.. think about all the crazy awesomeness you had every single time you got to see the band play!! approach the band, tell them what you can do to get this thing rolling!! stop F'ing around!

taking on a project like this while still working and struggling like the rest of us is a herculean task so let us, let your fans carry some of the load!! it's the very least we can do.

disembodied, if you stumble accross this post.. you guy's stop F'ing around to, your anthology/discography is to important to keep to yourselves.. there's more to the story than just anecdotal stories stories to tell you grandkds so help us, help you!!

i demand you guys to take our money!!

i was relentless for years about the band releasing a cd simalure to "psalms of sheol" and i like to think i played a small part in this actually happening because i did the same thing i am now so maybe this will work to.

and again.. Thank You jav!!!

you'll be hearing from me again!!