Sunday, March 23, 2014

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Escapist Records has just announced that they will be reissuing Turmoil - The Process Of in an expanded edition for its 15th anniversary.

Here's more from the label:

Those Who Fear Tomorrow, Life. Love. Regret., Destroy The Machines. These albums helped define an era of hardcore. Nestled amongst these albums of the initial wave of 90’s metallic hardcore and the explosion of metalcore that followed sits Turmoil’s The Process Of.

Formed in 1992 outside of Philadelphia, PA, Turmoil was born out of the hardcore scene that surrounded them. Rather than recycle what had been done before them, the band reached to define their own sound. Whether it was through drawing influence from outside of their scene - noise, death metal, prog - or experimenting with unique song structures, Turmoil continued to push the boundaries of what hardcore could be until their untimely breakup. During their time together Turmoil released two full-length recordings and four EP’s, not to mention making numerous compilation appearances.

Today, fifteen years after its initial release, Escapist Records is pleased to announce the impending release of a 15th Anniversary Edition of Turmoil’s The Process Of, originally released by Century Media Records. The anniversary edition will be comprised of two different pieces of vinyl. The first is a one-time pressing of the 1999 release on 12” vinyl, limited to 500 copies on two exclusive color-ways. In addition to the iconic album artwork, the release will feature expanded liner notes containing testimonials from various peers, publications, and those influenced by the record, including Damnation AD, Surprise Attack Fanzine, Set Your Goals, Trustkill Records, Stuck in the Past: 90’s Hardcore Webzine, and more. Accompanying the 12” will be a limited edition 7” containing three songs never before released on vinyl. The songs were recorded in 2005 with producer Ted Young (Lamb Of God, Clutch, Andrew WK) and were only previously available on a retrospective CD released that same year. These songs mark the final recordings of the band’s classic lineup. The 7” will be limited to 100 copies and feature a hand-numbered silk-screened cover.

Two songs from the 15th Anniversary Edition of The Process Of are currently available for streaming online. “Playing Dead” from the 12” recording and “Commander and Thief” from the limited 7” can be heard online.


XsoldoutX said...

Probably the best live band I've ever seen, as I was lucky enough to see them many times between 95 and 99 when they originally split up. One of Phillys most underrrated hc bands and they probably the best drummer in the scene.