Wednesday, April 9, 2014

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I was just going to update the original post but I figured why not just start over? This would be Earthmover's final offering to us before they decided to call it quits following a European tour. I had a buddy who grew up in Detroit and went to college at the University of Miami. who was friends with them. We went to pick them up at the airport after they came back from Belgium...that was the closest I ever got to seeing them. Bummer...all the videos I ever saw of the band were bonkers. By now, you've probably heard this record and you know it's a rager, probably their best material. Solid from start to finish. "We're not about money, we're not about money".

Earthmover - Death Carved In Every Word


vadermask said...

DUDER!! I just pulled this CD out five days ago after not listening to it for several years! Andy Dempz, Lenny, Mike...all those guys are from right here in Ann Arbor/Detroit. Who was your buddy at U of M? I'm 43 & lived in Ann Arbor (U of M) my whole life. Been going to hardcorepunk shows since 1984. Wow. What a form of synchronicity with your post & me listening to this CD over & over the past several days! I keep fast forwarding it to "Money." "I'm a person, I've got no price! We're not about money, we're not about money, we're no about money! Money! Money! Money! When they played this song, people would often throw pennies & nickels at them!! LOL! I was at their last show, and then their first reunion show back in 2003 or 2005?? I got my head split open in the pit...badly. Stayed for the rest of the show (CATHARSIS, NEXT TO NOTHING....and maybe WALLS OF JERICHO) then went to the ER and got a bunch of stitches. Fun times. I miss 90's hc so much. And I love your blog. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

I saw Earthmover at the Heist in Chicago in like '98. It was pandemonium! One of the coolest live bands ever and one of the craziest pits i've ever been in. good memories.

Anonymous said...

Was EMC since inception. Most thorough band ever . . . really wrote songs. Really had riffs. Really decent people.