Friday, March 27, 2015

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Our friend Willem who runs the awesome blog, Records With History and Future, started a YouTube channel focusing on the the H8000 scene. Here's what he had to say about it:

Mission Statement:

The RWHAF YouTube channel is set up to get people to know the 90's Hardcore scene in Belgium. That scene was called H8000 and this channel features their music accompanied with information. From the well-known classics to the obscurer titles, we feature it.
The video's contain digitized vinyl and cassette titles but also CD releases, accompanied with photo's of records, limited editions, inserts, shirts, excerpts of interviews and live shows. No graphics, focus is on the music.
I do not have any incomes by running this channel, nor do I make profit of the artists and labels earlier work. I'm doing a campaign for preventing the rich musical history of the H8000 to sink into oblivion. The goal is to pass over the traditions to the new generations and getting people to know our scene better, respect their roots and keep it alive.
So if you were part of that scene - I know many were back then - or if you love the musical style and message, please share this channel or some video's from it on your site, blog or social media.

Check it out as he will have loads of content posted. You can view the channel by clicking below.

"Records With History And Future's H8000 Channel"