Friday, April 10, 2015

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With Indecision's "Unorthodox" having been reissued a few years ago, the time has come for Most Precious Blood to see the light of day again as well.  Having a release date of April 21st, Most Precious Blood will make its mark once again via Closed Casket Activities.  The extra beauty of this new reissue is that it will also feature the three tracks from the same recording session that ended up on the split 10" with Shai Hulud, and the entire session has been remastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege.

Here's a stream of the remastered "Making People Apologize For Accusing You Of Things You Actually Did"

Indecision - Most Precious Blood is now available for pre-order via Closed Casket Activities here:

Full tracklisting:
1-Dream Come True
2-This Time Tomorrow
3-Falling In Love Is Life Setting Yourself On Fire And Hoping You Won't Get
4-The World Is Just Another Thing In My Way
5-Most Precious Blood
6-What Culture?
7-...And You Wear Too Much Make-Up
8-Last Beat Of My Heart
9-False Prophet Preaching
11-Crucifix Escapist
13-No Place Like Home
14-How Far The Mighty Have Fallen
15-Making People Apologize For Accusing You Of Things You Actually Did

Also of note is that the Indecision - What It Once Meant DVD is currently available as well
Full review coming next week.