Tuesday, September 30, 2008

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Life's Blood started circa 1987, and weren't really around for very long, but they had a great sound going with their mix of NYHC and some elements of Oi/street punk (not to mention their politics). Most notable is probably their song "Never Make a Change", which was supposedly a major calling out of Youth of Today. Adam Nathanson, and Neil Burke also went on to form the legendary (and in my top 10 bands of all time) Born Against.
Even though there were 2,144 of them pressed in 1996, I rarely see Life's Blood's discography cd for sale, but a few years ago, I happened across a copy in a used dollar bin. The only catch was that it didn't have the original case, or the layout. Since I never see these up for sale, and I always loved my copy of the 7", I snatched it up. This discography cd contains the demo, the Defiance 7", numerous comp tracks and some live stuff. Life's Blood were a true classic of NYHC, so download this and enjoy!

Life's Blood - Discography
Vermiform Records [1996]


blend77 said...

nice one!!! i always hear so much good stuff about this band! and i have only heard like two songs from them...

thanks very much!

Papst Benedikt XVI said...

don´t nail me on this but from taking a quick look after d/l and my gut feeling I´d dare say this discography is incomplete!