Monday, September 29, 2008

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This is the entire live set from the Unbroken reunion show in 1998 which was a tribute to Eric Allen, the guitarist who had committed suicide. I ripped this directly from a master copy of the video that was released by New Age or 31G, I can't remember. The other bands on the show were Outspoken (who also did a reunion), The Crimson Curse, Palpatine, and one other which is escaping me now. Unfortunately, I have no means to transfer the video to Youtube but Ill see what I can do in the future. I can't wait for April to see the reunion in Chicago. One of my all time favorite bands. Enjoy

Unbroken - Live at the 1998 Reunion, A Tribute To Eric Allen


Prime Directive said...

If memory serves me right, the other band was THE SET UP.