Friday, December 12, 2008

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Here's another great release from the legendary Moo Cow Records. Hourglass and New Day Rising were two great bands from the 90s. Hourglass were from Buffaly, NY, and New Day Rising came out of Ontario, Canada. Both of them had a sound that ranged from the heavy, to moments of screaming punk rock abandon (NDR even throw in some emo elements). New Day Rising released what could only be called a plethora of material during their time together. A multitude of 7"s and splits, followed by a full length on Eulogy, and a discography cd on the same label. As far as I know, Hourglass only released this split and a 7" on Immigrant Sun prior to the split. I intend on ripping that Hourglass 7" sometime soon, because I always liked it even more than the songs on the CD. It's actually been quite some time since I've listened to this release, because it came in 7" size packaging, so it isn't filed away in the same manner that my other CDs are, but upon listening to it again, I remember why it used to get so much play on my stereo.

Hourglass & New Day Rising split
Moo Cow Records [1996]


rybunal said...

the hourglass 7inch

alex said...


rybunal said...

a few years back i tried to get in touch with this band about pressing a discography.. no reply.
there was rumored to be another band that the singer went to but nothing ever came out...i think that one of the fellas went to be in buried alive.

marktheshark said...

I think someone from New Day Rising went on to be in Zyon which I have some where, but I'm not sure. Also, they did go on to be in Spread the Disease. Here is 1 album Spread the Disease - We Bleed From Many Wounds. So heavy and brutal grind black metal stuff.

Chris said...

Hello! Wow an Hourglass/NDR blog, thanks!

I was in Hourglass and 2 of us went on to Buried Alive. Those same 2 of are still playing together and released a free album from our current band MOTHER RED, which you can download here (as well as another album from a great Buffalo band Siren St. Shutdown:

Thanks all! - Matt

P.S. - Rybunal if you want to do a discography shoot me an email at ''

XemonerdX said...

I just posted the New Day Rising live LP on my blog:

Awesome and underrated band IMO.

BTW, I have an Hourglass demo (I believe they did 2 demo's tho?) in case yer still looking to do an Hourglass discography post and are missing it.

gaba said...

oh man that Hourglass 7inch was fantastic.
I used to have an orange hourglass shirt with NINJAS ON IT.
or something like that.

Anonymous said...

stuck in the past again with one of my all time faves! that hourglass 7" really blew my mind back then. i was in touch with one of the guitar players in the late nineties and he sent me a workshirt with screened logo on the back and the demo of his later band the death of us. Again, hourglass was awesome.

Scott said...

Can anyone re-post the rip of the Hourglass s/t 7"? I've had the record forever but not the means to convert it to mp3. I'd really appreciate it.