Friday, June 4, 2010

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André-Tascha Lammé is quite a busy man these days. Raising his son, his day job as a web designer and what's becoming a pretty regular weekly gig as the self described "bleeding heart libertarian" (and my current favorite) columnist for the Silence Lies website. In the past few weeks, he's added another role to his agenda - head honcho of Hardcore for Education, an organization that utilizes many notables of the hardcore scene as well as regular hardcore and non-hardcore folks in order to help raise money for and awareness of the current plight of Golden Empire Elementary School, the school that his son currently attends. This coming August, there will be a big eBay auction consisting of test pressings and rare merchandise from the bands and record labels pictured above as well as many others with all net proceeds going to the school. Please check out the links below for more detailed information and become a fan of the Hardcore for Education page on Facebook to be kept apprised of the items that will be included in the auction as well as other ways and methods of donation.