Saturday, June 26, 2010

'U.K.H.C. - A Compilation', as the name suggests, is a compilation CD promoting the British HC scene. Released in 1997 on Household Name Records, it features 15 bands from all over the UK, with most bands doing 2 songs. Some of the bands on here are Stampin' Ground (who do an Inside Out cover on here, 'By A Thread'), Knuckledust, Ninebar (who had just formed a few months before recording their tracks for this compilation), Imbalance, Freebase, Consume (great hardcore from Northern Ireland) and Medulla Nocte. Overall a sweet compilation with a bunch of early recordings of some great UKHC bands. I picked up this CD at the All Ages Records store in Camden, London a few years ago. This independent punk/hardcore record store was co-founded by Lil & Katherine, the people behind Household Name Records (they're not involved with the store anymore tho). Which reminds me: support independent record stores, they're a dying breed unfortunately.

U.K.H.C. - A Compilation


Anonymous said...

nice post
as always from you emo

lots of great bands never heard before



Anonymous said...

could you re-upload this mate? cheers! -josh

Anonymous said...

Please re-upload this, can't find it anywhere!

xCHIPxSEM said...

I've messaged Edwin asking him to re-up it.

XhcnoirX said...

Re-upped! Enjoy.