Sunday, March 27, 2011

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Pre-orders have now gone live over at the Limited Pressing store of Trip Machine Laboratories for the Incendiary / Unrestrained split 7" and the Most Precious Blood demo 7"
"This split 7" brings together 2 heavyweights of modern hardcore. Long Island, NY's INCENDIARY follow up their 7", LP and split 7" with Suburban Scum with 2 brand new songs of powerful political hardcore. Mixing together elements of many 90's hardcore icons such as INDECISION, TURMOIL and 108 but adding a modern twist. Portland, OR's UNRESTRAINED follow up their 7" and split 7" with Rebarker with 2 emotionally soaked songs showing their love for such 90's bands as THREADBARE and HARVEST.
7" includes digital download."
"Most Precious Blood's original demo released in 2000 has now been committed to vinyl. Pure, raw modern hardcore from Brooklyn, NY. This six song 7" comes with a digital download that includes MPB's cover of Slayer's "Necrophobic", the last song recorded with Tom on vocals "Typical My Heart" and a set of Minor Threat covers recorded live at CBGB's.
7" includes digital download."



saw them 2 days ago for the first time live here in was mindblowing.i met rob and he is one of the nicest guys ive met.
i had to buy the tour version of the demo twice because the merch lady had noch change.

but i still preordered the demo on tml for the bous digital content.

love the demo love was funny to see all those wigger kids get away from the stegae as soon as mpb started to play.i guess they are not hip we had the show for us true fans.

hope to see those guys sometime soon.

Andy said...

huansoahn, you wanna sell one of those tour versions of the demo??