Wednesday, March 30, 2011

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We received a message from Rich Hall, the man behind 1000 Knives Booking, letting us know that Damnation AD has been added to the Unbroken show in NYC next weekend. Burning Love had to drop so Damnation has been added in their place. The show has been sold out for quite some time but if you have tickets, it's going to be a good one.
While you're at it, head on over and check out Rich's 1000 Knives Tshirts that he has for sale. Most of you know him already but for those who don't, Rich runs 1000 Knives Booking. He's been booking shows for years and is bringing Unbroken to NYC next weekend so help the man out and pick up a tshirt.
You can place your order by clicking here: 1000 Knives Tshirts.


andy said...

good to see damnation back. wish i could be there.

XRosenbergX said...

dude, do you know whats up with Damnation AD? do they have any running page or way of contacting them? most of their profiles are out of date