Friday, April 1, 2011

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Outrage has decided to change their name officially to Raindance. And with a new name comes a new, mature sound, and a debut EP to seal the deal! First 100 orders will receive a limited color vinyl edition that will be exclusive through pre-order. Package deals are available for a limited time which include a great "collector's pack" and a T-shirt + 7" bundle. So get on it while they last. Stream the track entitled "Riverbed" on our bandcamp and check out their tour dates with Seraphim! Thanks for all of your support in advance!
Pre-order the record here:

Fresh off a name change from Outrage to Raindance, this new 7" feels like a good way for the band to establish both a new name and a new expansion of their old sound. I was a fan of the Outrage material on Panic Records, but I think they've really outdone their previous material and previous name with this new 7" titled "Love Under The Sun" on Glory Kid Records. The thing I seem to like most about Raindance is that they continue to evolve with each release, and this new 7" is certainly no exception. They've maintained the heavy tone of previous releases, which includes a nice helping of staccato breakdowns reminiscent of 90s luminaries like Harvest and Unbroken, but they've now also brought a bit more melody into the fold. That melody includes the use of clean vocals, which at one moment can be compared to early Poison The Well, and at the next sounds more on the verge of Starkweather. The standout for me is the combination of "Severed Wings and Open Hands" parts 1 and 2 on side B, which flows together very well, and leaves me wanting to hear how the band will evolve yet again for their next release.