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For the longest time, I was never able to find any information about Eleventh Hour, aside from the knowledge that they were from Flint, Texas and that they played with the likes of Chokehold, Despair, Unbroken, Mean Season and more. And I only knew that information because it was in the liner notes to their "Sifting Through The Ashes" 7". However, I was about to rip this record this morning, and I did a google search for the first time in a long while, which yielded what I assume to be a somewhat newer Facebook page for the band. It detailed that they actually did some touring with Chokehold, played a couple of reunion shows in 2002, AND that they recorded two new songs (which I'm dying to hear!) in 2008.

The following 7" was actually their demo recording from December of 1993 that got released on vinyl in April of 1994 as a split release between Ballyhoo Withdrawal and Threshold Records, who released the "Faction" 7" from Botch soon after.

Eleventh Hour - Sifting Through The Ashes 7"
[1994 - Ballyhoo Withdrawal / Threshold Records]

Eleventh Hour also had tracks featured on two different compilations. One of which can be heard on The Difference Between Us from Goodfellow Records.


Unknown said...

My band played with them and Chokehold at Thee Brothel in Melbourne back in 95.

Drew said...

check out the singer's current band that he plays guitar in:

xSHJx said...

Eleventh Hour ruled. Darin and Noble both have a solid list of past bands.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the kind words. We're compiling a retrospective which will have two new songs, in addition to the 7" and other released and unreleased songs. If you (the reader) have any photos, videos and/or fliers for Restitution, Silence or Eleventh Hour, please hit us up. We'd like to include them in our release. or on facebook, myspace or reverbnation.

Eric - hit me up, what band were you in?

Unknown said...


The band's name was XdeadpoolX. I think the show was EH, Chokehold and us. It was at an indoor skate park in Melbourne.

Unknown said...


Send me an email at I'd like to touch base with you about XdeadpoolX. I look forward to hearing from you.



Anonymous said...

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