Wednesday, April 13, 2011

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Here's a 7" that pays tribute to a particular football match (aka soccer). Prohaska was a screamo band from Austria in the '90s. Their 'Cordoba Achtundneunzig' 7" is their only release that I'm aware of, besides appearances on a few compilations. It was released on Paracelsius Underground Industries & Charon Collective in 1998. As mentioned, it deals with a particular football match from the 1978 World Championships, played in Córdoba, Argentina, between West-Germany (the reigning World Champion at that time) and Austria. Austria defeated West-Germany 3-2, which was quite a surprise victory, and what makes this a legendary match in Austria. It was the first victory of Austria over West-Germany in 47 years, and is also referred to as 'the miracle of Córdoba'. Hans Krankl, one of the best Austrian football players ever, scored the 3rd, and decisive, goal in the last minute or so of the match. Another football player from that team, Herbert Prohaska, provided the band with their name, he is also pictured on the sleeve. As said, this 7" deals with that match, both lyrically and by adding a bunch of samples from (Austrian) commentary of that match.

For the football lovers out there, here's a video of Hans Krankl's winning goal, there are better quality videos of this goal on Youtube but this one has the original Austrian commentary:

Because there are samples overlapping the songs, I decided to rip this 7" into 2 files, one for each side, rather than a file per track.

Prohaska - Cordoba Achtundneunzig 7"


Anonymous said...

Excellent Job ripping this Single, EmoNerd!
Thanks a lot for an excellent Release of an outstanding Band.
Highly recommended to all (german speaking) Weirdos.
Thumbs up & Greetz from Austria!