Sunday, April 24, 2011

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After the Unrestrained show with Incendiary and Indecision in Brooklyn, I got handed the following flier:
Upon checking out the Deathbed page on facebook, I was pleased to hear that they're actually really good. The 7" is up for pre-0rder now, and is limited to 100 copies on green and 200 on black.

Nothing In Vain records also has a 7" pre-order up for Axis, who are from Daytona Beach, FL. They describe their sound as a mix of Buried Alive, Acme and Turmoil, which I would say is relatively accurate. Their 7" is limited to 100 on clear and 200 on black.

Nothing In Vain Records


Will Knutson said...

Hell yeah! I'm glad I got these printed in time for that show. I didn't get to make it, but I'm friends with the Nothing In Vain Records guys. Glad you enjoyed Deathbed!