Saturday, April 23, 2011

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Youth Of Today 2011 European tour dates

April 29 Gorizia Italy
April 30 Wil Switzerland
May 1 Ravenna Italy
May 2 Roma Italy
May 3 Torino Italy
May 4 Tourlouse France
May 5 Madrid Spain
May 6 Lisbon Portugal
May 7 Asturies Spain
May 8 Badalona Spain
May 9 Bordeaux France


Anonymous said...

FINALLY! a routing for the YOT euro tour! No infos + the booking agent asking for an advance, We were starting to think it was a scam.

Boy Ipoh said...

Yeah finally in my hometown of Msia..after so many years listen to their records back in 1990.

Boy Ipoh said...

Finally after more than 20 years of listening to their records i finally got to watch them live.

regards from
Msian Youth Crew 88