Saturday, August 13, 2011

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Handsome were a post-hardcore band of great lineage in the mid 90s.  The band was started after Peter Mengede's departure from Helmet and also featured the likes of Jeremy Chatelain (Insight, Iceburn), Pete Hines (Cro-Mags, Murphy's Law) and Tom Capone (Beyond, Quicksand).
This first 7" release from Handsome came out in 1995 on Full City Blend out of New York, and was actually recorded prior to Tom Capone joining the band.  Both songs would eventually make their way onto Handsome's full length debut for Sony.

Handsome - Waiting 7"
[Full City Blend - 1995]

Handsome also released a 7" on Sub Pop in 1995, followed by their one and only full length in 1997.  If anyone out there happens to have the European version of the full length with the bonus cd, please get in touch with me, because I've been looking to acquire one for quite a while now.  And if Europe regards Handsome the same way that America seems to these days, a bunch of dollar bins are probably littered with copies.


Anonymous said...

I got a copy of the double disc off eBay for like 3 bucks...


i think thats pretty much everything they recorded (a live set & the full length).
also the following bonus tracks:
Closer,spill (both from the bonus ep),Needles (demo),Dim The Lights (Remix),Swimming (7inch version),Cant Connect (7 inch version),Waiting (7inch version),Needles (7 inch version),Just To Prove A Point (feat.KRS-One),Swivel(unreleased tracks played live).

i hope this will help you justin.i love handsome and ive been following the rumors of a second unreleased album but peter himslef told me via e mail that this never happened.he has a new band though called KUNST and there were some ideas used that were written for their 2nd album.

and that bonus ep had only 2 songs CLoser & spill theyre both on that file.

hope you enjoy that record.

xGabex said...

i remember these guys playing with Strife and Descendents at the Orange Show Fairgrounds.

kevshall said...

Love this album. When you see how big the likes of Fall Out Boy have become, then the likes of Handsome and Sensefield were just ahead of their time.

Alternate 1995 said...

IMO this is the final record made in the Post Hardcore genre. Nothing after this sounds anything like it. I think it started with Quicksand Slip and ended with this. Great album. Still listen to it once a week or so.

Dine Alone said...

Incredible album and has always been one of my favorites. I still have my euro edition of the CD.

Peter said that Eddie and his lawyer have been in contact with Sony for the rights to the music, so hopefully we'll see a vinyl release of the self titled. Always wanted it on vinyl, especially with that artwork.

I have my "On Tour Now" poster framed and hanging proudly. God, I would love to see a reunion.

Anonymous said...

Handsome released on Vinyl