Wednesday, August 31, 2011

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I was uploading this for a friend of mine and figured I might as well put it up here as well. Shockwave featured (and still does on occassion) members of some prominent Erie, PA. bands including xDisciplex and wrote songs about Transformers. This was recorded live while they were in Europe in 2000 and released by Alone Records which was based out of Oswego, NY. Pretty cool little EP. To the best of my knowledge, Alone Records has since folded and the EP is out of print...if someone knows otherwise, please let me know and I'll take the link down. I ripped this from the original CD source as a VBR and scanned the cover. Enjoy

Shockwave - Live European Invasion 2000


xjustinx said...

Too bad Alone Records never ended up putting out that Chokehold discography. I still have the shirt they sold to promote it, though.

It_Follows said...

Yeah, Alone folded. I was looking into it for some stuff for It Follows. It is too bad, label had diverse releases

Thanks for the post, downloading now

Anonymous said...

Alone records is still putting out releases, they put out the August Prophecy release on vinyl and did a cd by a woman i went to high school with(Amanda Rogers) they are still around just very hush,hush.