Thursday, September 1, 2011

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Here's one for all the fans of Christian-core.  Prepared For War is a 3-way split that came out on Boot To Head Records in 1995, and featured songs from Overcome, No Innocent Victim and Clay.  Boot To Head was (is?) based out of Portland, Oregon and I remember seeing the label owner around at a decent amount of hardcore shows in the mid - late 90s, and he typically had a Christian hardcore distro with him.  Outside of any demos they may have recorded, I believe this is the first release from Overcome, and the same might go for No Innocent Victim as well.

Prepared For War - Overcome / No Innocent Victim / Clay
[1995 - Boot To Head Records]


AWC said...

Thanks for uploading this! Could you scan up the lyricsheet and other lay out? Pretty please :)

xjustinx said...

My copy actually doesn't have a lyric sheet. I bought it used, so I'm not really sure if it ever came with one or not.

lack said...

absolutely THRILLED to find more CLAY material. i only have a few comp tracks and the two tape demos. THANKS!!!!!