Monday, September 12, 2011

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Toxic Breed has just released Vol. 2 of their Casa De Diversion compilation series.

1. Disapproval- Intro/Detached From Birth
2. Villain- Debt Nation ft COA
3. Raindance- Severed Wings and Open Wounds
4. Bottom Out- Home
5. Pulling Teeth- Waiting
6. Axis- Atlas
7. Born Low- Two-fold
8. Goodbye Cruel World- Better Off Dead
9. Written Off- Reiterator
10. Unrestrained- Disdain
11. Power Trip- Suffer No Fool
12. Agitator- Force Fed Lies
13. Sabertooth Zombie- Banana Milk
14. The Love Below- High Friends In Low Places
15. Coke Bust- Another Fucking Problem
16. Another Mistake- Crust Fund
17. Social War- 28 Days Later
18. Sojourner- Deception Falls
19. Legion- Salvation
20. Hatewaves- Pride
21. At Our Heels- Wolfsblood
22. Old Wounds- Terror Eyes
23. Fed To The Wolves- Disappointment
24. Sacred Love- Riot Dogs (Molon Lave)
25. Crucified- Dead Of Sleep
26. Code Orange Kids- Walls (We Lose Each Other)
27. Homewrecker- Internal Morgue
28. Divider- Glory of Kings
29. Masakari- IX- Tempt Providence
30. Low Places- Honor Thee Cult
31. Streetsweeper- Place Of Fear
32. Vice- Vice
33. Alaskan- Euthanize
34. Deathbed- Cleanse
35. Jungle Juice- Blind 
It can be downloaded through mediafire:
Or streamed through the Band Camp page:


Jan Wachsmann said...

the mf downloadlink is gone..