Friday, September 30, 2011

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Last month, I went out to see Take Offense play (if you haven't seen them yet, do it, they tore the roof off of the place) and found out that a few bands on the tour were from Europe. I always try to show support to bands on tour, especially when they are from another country. Both bands shared members (Cornered and New Morality) and I took the time to talk to the guys. Niels, the singer for Cornered, told me that he and the other guys check us regularly (thanks guys) and asked if we could post a link to their newest recording for them. So here it is, the newest offering from Cornered. If they come back to the US and you get a chance to check them out, do so. You won't be disappointed

You can also "Like" them on Facebook and keep up with what's happening on their end by clicking here: Cornered on Facebook


Chris said...

What a band.Niels is the dude as well.

XMichaelX said...

Good Band, Good Dudes, Backed Hard etc

Sombrero_man said...

Who are these punks, the only Cornered that matters is the 625 thrash one.