Tuesday, September 20, 2011

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(Photo from Alex's Culture Myspace Page)

I just received a message from Jamie, head of the label American Enemy Inc., letting me know that he will be releasing the Culture discography on both CD and vinyl in early 2012. He just finalized the deal with former Culture member Rich Thurston yesterday and they've already gone forward with remastering the band's catalog. Here's a statement from Rich on the upcoming discography:

"CULTURE was and always will be one of my proudest achievements. We weren't the most popular. We didn't get on the cool big labels of the time. We didn't play a tons of shows. Given all that I think we helped define a genre as well as influence bands with like minded goals in the mid to late 90s. Working on this discography brings back so many memories and yeah even some regrets. I am so happy and proud that all of the songs we worked so hard on and believed in will be put together on one release. Its my crowning accomplishment."

The layout is being handled by Damien Moyal and is already in the process of being put together. Order information will be posted in the near future so until then, follow American Enemy Inc on Facebook to keep up to date with the release.