Wednesday, February 8, 2012

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My friend, Jason, recently posted this 7" over on his We Gotta Know Podcast blog, but he said that he acquired the rip from the internet and it didn't sound spectacular, so I've ripped my copy and uploaded it.
Here's what Jason had to say about Capone, who were from Vancouver, BC:
"Capone were a Vancouver Hardcore band from the mid/late 1990s. Comprised of Johnny Franco (Vocals) and his cousins John and Joe Franco (Guitar and Drums), Jay David (Bass) and Ryan Howlett (Guitar). They were very influenced by Strain in their sound, and the comparisons were apparent due to both Johnny's vocal style and the fact that John also wrote and played guitar in Strain as well.  I don't remember anyone complaining, and I sure as hell wasn't. Strain were and still are one of my favorite bands, and Capone definitely had the same qualities that Strain did, as well as a few more old school sounding riffs to them as well at times.   Regardless, Capone were great live and on record. Heavy, crushing, fast and dark sounding. Their 7" brings back awesome memories of that time period.  Strain, Sparkmarker, Brand New Unit, Minority, Dissent, Three X Words, Plains Of Abraham... Packed shows at Crosstown Traffic, The Loft, Hastings Community Centre and Elgin Hall in White Rock. That '95 Era is peronally my favorite time in Vancouver Hardcore history, and Capone were most definitely part of the reason.     Download the 7" below.  Hit play. Bedroom Mosh or just sit back and enjoy one of Vancouver Hardcore's heaviest HC bands ever!"

Capone - What We've Shared
[1996 - Heart First Records]


Chad said...

Hahaha, pretty sure the other rip was the one my friend did of my 7" I posted! Great record. Stoked others can finally hear it!

xJKx said...

Great Job Justin! ThanX!