Thursday, February 9, 2012

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Somehow or another, my old band ended playing a bunch of shows with Wisconsin's 7 Angels 7 Plagues. We just always ended playing the same shows together even though we were from Florida and they were from Wisconsin. We all just had a mutual admiration for each others bands and became good friends. Those dudes could seriously roll some dice...I'm almost positive that their band cash box had no lock because they were constantly digging in there for singles to play C-Lo. The band would eventually run its course, as most bands do, and break up with members joining Dead To Fall and others forming Misery Signals and For Death And Glory. The band only released a demo (which would later be re-released as an EP) and their only full length, "Jhazmyne's Lullaby", both on Uprising Records. When the demo was re-released, the band came up with brand new layout similar to the full length. I picked up the original demo when we played with them at....Filthy Fest I think it was Philadelphia. Hamartia also played...good day. I scanned the original layout so you can take a gander at what the original looked like.