Wednesday, July 11, 2012

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Galleons Lap are famous for being the post-hardcore project of Greg Anderson (Brotherhood, Statement, Engine Kid, Sunn, Southern Lord Records) upon moving back to Seattle from a brief stint in San Diego.  The band also featured Nate Mendel (Brotherhood, Christ On A Crutch, Diddly Squat, Sunny Day Real Estate, Foo Fighters), Eric Akre (Christ On A Crutch, Diddly Squat) and Lenny Richardson.  This is much more mellow than the bands the members had previously been in, but it still maintains their punk leanings when necessary.  Themes & Variations initially came out as a self released cassette and then was pressed to 12" by Scorch Records.

Galleons Lap - Themes & Variations
[self released cassette - 1991]


XhcnoirX said...

I have the 12", good stuff. Never knew it was originally released as a cassette. Did they ever do anything else besides this?

modtang said...

This was the only thing they ever released. Great album. Listening to it as we speak. If anyone has a copy of the cassette or LP to sell please email me: modtangspam AT