Sunday, July 8, 2012

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Hateful Youth - 5/17/87 in Spokane, WA with DRI.

In recent times, I've gotten to know Ron Guardipee a bit and he has been kind enough to send me some tapes for mp3 conversion.  Over time, some of these tapes will be pre-Brotherhood, thus showcasing the genesis of what would become the straight edge scene in the Pacific Northwest.

For a period of a few years in the mid 1980s, Ron moved to Spokane, WA and sang for a band called Hateful Youth from 86-87 before moving back to Seattle and joining Brotherhood on vocals.  You can definitely hear a big crossover vibe with this recording that could be likened to Cryptic Slaughter and The Accused.  With seven tracks totaling nine minutes, there are some total ragers.

Hateful Youth  - I'm Pissed Off...But I Don't Know At What
[Demo 1986]


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Video best watched with eyes closed!

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