Sunday, September 15, 2013

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Knuckledust has been one of the biggest hardcore in the UK for quite some time now. Based in London, the band started out in 1993 as Mental Torment, and after a few line-up changes and a name change to Uphold, a final line-up and name change took place in 1996, and Knuckledust was born, and has been going strong ever since. This live 7" was recorded at the first ever EvilFest in 1998, in London's Astoria club, and features the first ever song written by Knuckledust, 'Persevere' as well as a Bulldoze cover, 'The Truth'. Besides Knuckledust, singer Pierre 'Pelbu' helps run Rucktion Records, and members also play(ed) in bands such as Bun Dem Out, Ninebar and Maldito.

The 7" was released on Household Name Records, which would also release a compilation CD with recordings of bands playing at EvilFest '98, but the Knuckledust songs are not the same ones as on this 7".

Knuckledust - In Yer Boat! 7"


Anonymous said...

best europe band !!! period !!