Sunday, November 24, 2013

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As you may recall, we posted an unreleased Bloodlet track that was unearth in the vaults of Ron Brotherhood recently.  In preparation for their one-time reunion show at the annual A389 bash, A389 Records will be releasing the track on a 7".  Here's the press release:

Following the recent proclamation that defunct metalcore pioneers, Bloodlet, will make a special one-time appearance -- reuniting for the A389 Recordings X Bash in January -- today, the label also proudly confirms two special pending releases from the band in 2014.

First up, A389 will release an unreleased Bloodlet demo, recorded in 1994. The track, called "Embrace," was recorded with several other songs prior to the release of the band's debut LP, Entheogen. A track which ran astray from the others recorded in the same sessions -- "Shell" and "Cheribum" appearing on the band's Shell 7", and then re-appeared on their Eclectic singles compilation LP -- Bloodlet's early, completely inventive style of ominous, swamp-born metalcore is relived once again in "Embrace." The lost track was discovered by hardcore webzine XStuckInThePastX and shared the masters with A389 Recordings, who will now release an official 7" version of the track in January 2014. The Embrace 7" will tie directly into band's first performance in over ten years, with their one-time reunion at the A389 X Bash the weekend of January 17th and 18th in Baltimore, Maryland, joining the reunion of Integrity's Systems Overload lineup, All Out War, Infest, Haymaker, Noisem, Full Of Hell, Empire of Rats and tons more.

In addition, A389 is also collaborating with Victory Records on a special reissue of Bloodlet's landmark debut LP, Enthogen, which Victory initially released in early 1996. The new edition will be released in a deluxe 2xLP in the coming months pending the completion of the remastering sessions, currently going down at Audiosiege.

Bloodlet vocalist Scott Angelacos currently remains busy with his present bands Junior Bruce -- who is working on the follow-up to their The Headless King LP, released in 2012 by A389 -- and Hollow Leg, which just released Abysmal on Last Anthem Records.

We'll post more info as soon as we have it!


NRTeric said...

What's going to be the b-side for the Embrace 7"?

Anonymous said...

ahh, i was hoping for a "really new" recording in the sense of new songs... anyway, thanks for the info on scott's new bands!

mikebythesun said...

Anyone know where to find the demo versions of Triumph and 95? They were recorded somewhere in 93-94 and was amazing. It had a sample from the Jeffrey Dahmer trail in between the songs and it sent chills up your spine.

Lost my tape of it many years ago and would kill to find it on-line!