Tuesday, November 26, 2013

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A lot went on prior to the release of Canon's one and only 7", The Solution.  Originally, they were going to record it to be released on Guav's Conviction Records.  When that fell through, they landed at Overkill Records.  They recorded the full 7" for Overkill in May of 1994, and a master DAT (seen below) was sent to the label.  [check out this interview from when the record was slated to come out on Overkill]

However, 1994 was a busy year on the road for Ron Brotherhood, and Overkill Records was brought to an untimely close that year.  Around this same time, Canon got a new drummer by the name of Brian, and they struck up a deal with Chapter Records.  Instead of using the master with the old drummer, Canon decided to re-record the entire 7" plus one new track for their new label in November of 1994, and that is the version that has been steadily heard by most people since 1995.

Ripped from the master DAT tape, and remastered, here is the original, unreleased version of Canon - The Solution.

Canon - The Solution
[unreleased version - 1994]

And don't worry, we're still on the hunt for that elusive unreleased track from the Chapter Records recording session.


Buske said...

Thank you for this. Canon is/was a gem.

Buske said...

Such a great 7". Thanks for posting.

Guav said...

I did Conviction Records. Shane Durgee did Reflection Records.

Guav said...

Such an amazing record—either version—thanks so much for this!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this!

Buske said...

Anything ever surface of that other track?