Thursday, March 26, 2015

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Our friend Tru Pray sent me this last year...I am basically an ass and it took me this long to get around to posting it. I apologize for the delay to you, our faith readers, as well as Tru. Here's a quick recollection of the first time he saw Chokehold.

"I found this tape at my parent’s house in the DC area. It was transferred from a 30 mm tape recorder by my friend Mark Anthony.
A group of us traveled to Philly to see 4 Walls Falling play at the University of Arts. I believe this was their record release for "Food for Worms". The band that went on before them was a band called Chokehold from Canada.  This was the first time I saw them. I had no idea that the crowd was going to go off for them like that.  
This was just after their release on Conquer the World.  
I think Deadguy, Dive and Autumn played. I swore Turmoil played as well but I could be wrong. I can’t believe this happened 20 years ago."


Jesse Reger said...

So Awesome! Keep the content coming!!