Monday, December 31, 2007

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Happy New Year. I hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday. I didn't do much...just a quiet evening at home watching the tube...anyway, on to the post. This here is a shirt for the straight edge machine from California (and later Illinois), Excessive Force. To be honest, I had never heard of these guys until a friend of mine from New Jersey gave me a copy of the their full length "In Your Blood" and I loved it. Sure, the recording isnt the greatest but as soon as the vocals kicked in, you knew they meant business. I still listen to that record regularly...I don't really know much about this as far as year or anything. It is nice to see a full color design on a tshirt for a change though. If you are able to find a copy of their full length, pick it up.


xsalx, ÖZCAN said...

thanks for telling me what the name of that hidden track is!

wow this shirt is awesome! i'd never wear it if i had it though, to me these things are like time capsules in that they embody a whole era of hardcore, everything about them, down to the font for example, in your shirt.


Anonymous said...

i thought these d00ds were salt lake?

Anonymous said...

I would greatly appreciate if someone here could help me find a copy of "In Your Blood" or the other Dan Gump band Decontaminate's "Cleanse and Burn"

email me if anyone can help me out

thanks in advance

keith said...

I played guitar for them.. i have the cd and first rare 7inch ripped if anyone would like.
let me know.

xgasx said...

what's the name of the hidden track on "in your blood" cd?