Saturday, December 29, 2007

Posted by xCHIPxSEM |

So this here is the centerpiece of my collection. This is the first Earth Crisis design while they were on Conviction records in 1991. Theres some wear on the print but based on the age its looks pretty damn good. I got this off of Mat from New Zealand who is a super good dude. Around the time this was sold they also had a black longsleeve design which I am currently searching for.


Guav said...

There were only about two dozen of the black longsleeves made, I printed them to take down to a show in Middlesex, NJ. I don't even have one, but Kitzel just managed to get ahold of one.

xCHIPxSEM said...

Yeah he told me Karl gave it to him. Its been on my Want List for quite some time.