Wednesday, April 16, 2008

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The midwest had numerous, great "emo-core" bands in the 90s. Back then, the bands represented exactly what that kind of label should entail, and that's simply, emotional hardcore. Amidst the bigger emo-core bands of the 90s like Split Lip and Falling Forward, I always thought that Chalkline went a little underrated.

Chalkline / Figurehead split
This split came out on Shandle Records in June of 96, and features two songs from each band. Although this post focuses on Chalkline, don't underestimate Figurehead, as they were an awesome band in their own respects.

Self Titled 7"
This record also came out in 1996, but on Toothless Records out of Louisville, KY. Chalkline do 4 songs on here that are similar in nature to the ones on the split with Figurehead. Each one ranges from the melodic, to the heavy.

Although I wasn't quite as into their full length cd, I do still have it, and if anyone wants, I can rip it and throw it up here sometime later this week.


FredCore said...

Sweet to see chalkline getting some love. I was really good friends with Jake Sposito who was supposed to be their singer, but left over some issues or some shit. I remember seeing these guys hanging out all of the time at Ultrasound Records in Mentor. I never did get the full length could you please put it up.

alex said...

justin, i've been digging those chalkline EPs a lot. if you wouldn't mind throwing the full-length up whenever you get a chance, i'd really appreciate it. thanks dude.


Jon said...

thanks so much for putting up the Chalkline stuff. I remember hearing a track on an old Initial Recs. sampler (way back when ha ha) and i was intrigued and into it- but alas, being a poor punk kid (as opposed to a poor grown up hardcore kid now) i never was able to pick anything up.

Cleveland Nate said...

Dude, I remember being a 12-year-old kid and seeing Chalkline at the Euclid Tavern and Kirtland Grange. I'm stoked that people as far west as PDX got into this stuff too.

Johnny Clevo said...

Awesome. Never thought I'd hear these songs again.

Vadim said...

LOVE this band. When I was in high school and sitting in class looking through VERY catalogs, I remember reading the description and buying just based on that. Similar to Falling Forward, I actually did enjoy the full length a lot and still listen to it every now and again. If anyone is still looking for the rip of it, send me an email to