Saturday, April 19, 2008

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Dawn Of Orion were from Georgia, and played late 90s metalcore, with a heavy emphasis on the metal, not unlike Day Of Suffering and Undying. Here are the only two releases from them that I was ever aware of.

On Broken Wings 7"
1998 - Undecided Records

For The Lust Of Prophecies Undone
1999 - Immigrant Sun Records

On a side note, I used to buy records off of Dawn Of Orion's guitar player, Erik, quite a bit during 98/99. After a good year of an excellent transaction record, he decided to take my 50 bucks, and not send me a handful of records (which I later saw turn up on ebay). If you happen to ever see that douchebag, feel free to punch him in the throat for me.


chrisapproach said...

hey lets tradelinks.would be cool.

xMarkusx said...

Good stuff, never heard of these guys before. Have to get that full-length definitely!

hncreature said...

Justin - Great blog! I really dig the comments on the posts - Too many blogs just post the music and with no comment or info I've probably passed over a lot of good stuff

I was part of the Cleveland SXE scene in the late 80's and walked away from it in the early 90's...too much thuggery...and missed the 90's completely - Getting back into it in 40...I've been gathering and have got most of the "bigger" names but with blogs like yours and the link to others I been turned on to a bunch of the lesser known bands and some surprisingly better than the bands that influenced them

Just wanted to say thanks and keep 'em coming !!!

g said...

this is great. thanks for this.
too bad about the douchebag tho..
feel free to visit my blog, maybe you find something of interest. cheers.