Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Posted by xCHIPxSEM |

When Strife went on hiatus (broke up) in 1998, the band reformed shortly after as Anger Means or Angermeans and wrote a few songs that were demoed. This song is one of the two I have heard, and was later re-recorded for the Angermeans record that Strife released in late 2000. Personally, I prefer this version to the one on the full length as its much more raw and in your face. While Im not a fan of the last record (no offense guys) this song is great and to me is the last great song they wrote. It was originally released on the Incompatible 2 CD comp and CD-ROM zine which has been long out of print. I have all 3 of them so Ill try and get them posted soon but until then, enjoy this song. You can still order Strife's previous releases from Victory Records.

Anger Means (Strife) "Life Stained Red"



ERIC SXE said...

I didn't think much of the Angermeans record myself. It sounded like demos to me. Strife had always been on of my fave SXE bands and I was bummed when 4 out of 5 of them decided SXE didn't mean anything to them anymore. In This Defiance is the definitive Strife record IMO. I still listen to their stuff and wear their shirts.

TypicalFashion said...

i agree with the above. I hated that i read an interview where he said that because he wasnt as into the sxe community anymore, he just couldnt keep it up... some of us never had an "sxe community". just records in our basement, and liner notes to read.

Anonymous said...

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