Friday, June 26, 2009

Posted by xjustinx |
I'm looking to sell a few things, so I figured I would use this as a means of getting a few more people to see what I'm getting rid of. Paypal only for the transaction. Please send any offers to sitner.justin[at]

Endeavor - Constructive Semantics (white of 100)

Morning Again - Martyr (brown of 200)

Shook Ones - Demo 2004

Internal Affairs - Casualty of the Core (white of 300)


Scott said...

I'd buy that Endeavor record if I had the cash...well...maybe I do, haha. How much were you thinking? I'd have little idea.
I'm not much of a record collector, but I actually have an Endeavor 7-in called "...of equality" that was released on a label called "Phyte". I found it in a used bin for like 2 or 3 bucks, haha.

WestWardWinded said...

How much do you want for the Morning Again?

If you could email me the price and the paypal account my email is

Aaron said...

I sent you an email about Shook Ones a few days Justin!