Tuesday, June 23, 2009

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Battery was one of the few bands in the 90s that was playing fast hardcore while everyone was slowing it down. Granted they didn't sound like a youth crew band (not really until their final release), they really had their own sound. They started off as a project between Ken Olden and Brian McTernan and eventually morphed into so much more. This is a scan of the original release of "Only the Diehard Remain" on Tidal Records before it was "re-released" on Lost and Found Records. The recording wasnt the greatest but the music still rules. The release that followed this, "Until The End", was my favorite but this is still awesome. If you missed our earlier posting, check out Battery's discography (minus the Rev release) here: Battery "Final Fury 1990-1997"


David Agranoff said...

Wow does that disco have the first real metal sounding 7-inch...I love that thing.

Karsten said...

my favorite band ever!

Pawel said...

Is this the original LP? I have a copy of the Tidal Records LP but it has different artwork..anymore details on this?