Wednesday, September 15, 2010

As requested in the 'Requests and Reposts' section in the sidebar, here are 3 of the AFTeRSHOCK split 7"s. All of these are with Japanese bands, 2 with State Craft and 1 with Dive.

First off is the 1st split 7" with Dive, released on S.I.H. Records out of Japan in 1998. Besides an early version of 'Traversing The Gap', which would later be re-recorded for their 'Through The Looking Glass' full-length, AFTeRSHOCK do a cover of Youth Of Today's 'We Just Might' on here. Weird choice perhaps, but they pull it off well, giving the song an AFTeRSHOCK make-over. Dive's track 'Divine Rain' rocks as well, making this a great split. There's also a 2nd split 7" with Dive, also released on S.I.H. Records out of Japan, but I don't have it unfortunately.

As mentioned above, AFTeRSHOCK also did 2 split 7"s with State Craft, another Japanese band, they released several records including a full-length on Good Life Records. Both of these split 7"s were released in 1999 on AFTeRSHOCK singer Toby Dutkiewicz's own Devil's Head Recordings label. The first one features an early version of 'Constructive Deconstruction', which would later be re-recorded for the 'Five Steps From Forever' MCD. The State Craft track, 'Forever Yours', is a sweet metalcore song, typical of their style. This song would also be re-recorded, for their 'To Celebrate The Forlorn Seasons' full-length from 2000.

The 2nd split with State Craft was the first in a series of 3 split 7"s of hardcore/metalcore bands covering Slayer, called 'When Angels Shed Their Wings'. All of these 7"s feature cover-art done by Shepard Fairey. AFTeRSHOCK covers 'Sex, Murder, Art' from the 'Divine Intervention' album and State Craft 'Spirit In Black' from the 'Seasons In The Abyss' album. The other 2 splits are One King Down & Brother's Keeper (#2) and The Acacia Strain & Loyal To The Grave (#3), both of which are still available from the Devil's Head webstore.

AFTeRSHOCK / State Craft split 7"
AFTeRSHOCK / State Craft - 'When Angels Shed Their Wings Volume 1' split 7"
AFTeRSHOCK myspace

EDIT: It was brought to our attention that the Youth of Today cover the band did is available on their Live CD which can be purchased for $5 here: Aftershock. The link has been removed.


Xero said...

Thanks a bunch XemonerdX! You made my day!

Maurice said...

the aftershock live cd with a bonus videoclip and coversong of YOT is also still available for 5 dollar on Devil's Head Recordings.

Maurice said...

The Live CD with the videoclip and the YOT cover as bonus is also still available for 5 dollar on the devil's head site.