Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I apoligize for the lack of content lately. Ive been working nights as well as preparing for my wedding next month so its been a little hectic. That said, today I bring you a Shelter shirt I picked up on my last trip to Tokyo. If you ever happen to make a trip out to Japan, make sure to hit up Disk Union, a series of record stores which cater to different genres per store. The 3 floored store in Shinjuku has 2 floors dedicated to just metal...pretty amazing. Anyway, I managed to find this sitting on a rack, marked as Used in the Shibuya store. It only cost me about 800 yen which is roughly about $9 US give or take. This was printed for the Quest For Certainty record and features the original cover art that Equal Vision Records released. Back print has the record title...solid pick up for such a small price. Im a big fan of navy blue (sorry Brian) and the lighter blue I feel compliments it well. Ive seen this on Ebay every so often so hit up our friends the Tee Till Death crew and get them to hunt it down for you. Solid shirt from a great band.


Anonymous said...

such an awesome shirt.

Anonymous said...

Just like the one Dax Sheppard is wearing on the opening of "Parenthood". Fuck, I'm old.