Tuesday, September 21, 2010

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Just received this email:

If you didn't already know, Bandcamp recently started charging for
their service. Originally when we learned about this we thought,
"streaming and downloading tons of music can cost a fortune at the
level they're doing it, so you can't blame them." But then we saw the
amount they were charging: 15% for digital sales and 10% (for now) for
physical. Well we were pretty disappointed, especially with the
percentage they were taking from physical sales. They have nothing to
do with physical sales, and it's mind boggling how they justify this.

Bandcamp was a great service that allowed small bands and labels to
distribute their music cheaply. Now they're a great service looking to
make some serious coin. Well, here at Limited Pressing, we're not
concerned about serious coin. With this in mind, we've done three

First, we launched our digital download promotion page that shows
exactly what we're capable of and how cost effective we've made it
($10 for 400 downloads, $20 for 1000 downloads). Check out
http://limitedpressing.com/digital for more information about our
digital download capabilities.

Next, we decided to run a promotion to help out all of the bands that
Bandcamp stuck it to with this 10% (soon to be 15%) transaction fee on
physical sales. For the next two weeks, if you sign up for a band
store it's free for life. Not six months. Not a year. Free for life.
As long as you want the store open, it's yours.

Lastly, we decided to make sure our current band stores were taken
care of. So over the next few days we'll be making your store free for
life as well. Any automatic payments received between now and then
will be refunded.

If you want a band store free for life, go to our stores page and sign
up for one:

We hope you will do the music world a favor and send this email to
everyone you know. And when you do, let them know that the only place
left with the little guy in mind is Limited Pressing!

Thanks to everyone that makes Limited Pressing possible.

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