Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I'd heard Unveil's first record, "Destruction Wherever I Go", I'd say last year and I was into it. I thought the band had a lot of potential and was off to go a great start. Last month, Chris (vocals) emailed me asking I would do a review if he sent me a copy of their newest release, "Hypnopaedia". Of course, I said I would so here we are.
The band plays chug style hardcore with some fast parts thrown in there. Lots of melody to go over the hard chugging riffs. The first band that I think of when I'm listening to them is early One King Down, also some Unbroken (not so much the Life Love Regret era). The band makes no attempt to hide their love for 90s hardcore but still tips its hat to the newer generation of bands currently playing out. The recording is extremely clean and nothing over powers. Vocally, I'm reminded of a cross between Dave Walker from Harvest and Jayson from Where Eagles Dare (if you haven't heard them, go and check them out). The CD is a short one at only 4 songs but it makes for a good listen and well worth your time to check them out.
The layout and artwork was done by one of my favorites, Raf Wechterowicz, though Im not quite sure what the cover of the record means. Maybe I'm missing something...I dig it though. The band also includes a short paragraph proclaiming their choice of veganism. The band is from Europe and released this record through Take It Back Records/Start A Fire Records (who just signed Unrest, one of my current favorites), which are both European labels, so it may be a little difficult to find this release in the US but request at your local indie store or order direct from the band at their Big Cartel store. Get this at all costs, one of the best of 2010.


Anonymous said...

Good tunes, but holy fuck that guitar tone sounds like shit.