Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Many people in the 90s (and very much so today) had/have mixed views on religion in hardcore. Many feel that it has no place in hardcore while others disagree and still some others just don't care one way or the other. In the early 90s, many kids jumped on the Krishna bandwagon with religion obviously being the focal point (see what I did there?). Kids supported Shelter, 108 and Equal Vision Records but as soon as the the topic of Christian hardcore came to the forefront, it was as if that certain elephant was in the room and everyone was glaring at it. I don't consider myself religious by any stretch but I respect what others believe as long as they respect me. A band like xDisciplex (and later xDisciplex AD) is a band that, though they were a Christian band, I gave 100% respect too. Extremely nice guys who didn't force their beliefs on anyone...more of a "hey we believe this and its cool if you don't". This interview was conducted by Adel Collins from her excellent "I Stand Alone" fanzine and was printed in the summer of 1997, right after the band released their "Scarab" 7 inch on Surprise Attack Records.